Sample Delivery

Our 260+ skilled staff work and produce advanced equipment, working efficiently at all times for fast delivery, high quality production to meet customer’s growing demand.

* Well trained workers
* Long history and seasoned
* GMP/ISO9001 Certificated and well trained staff
* 15 production line, Fast produce
* Partly machine made process
* Dust free workshop
* ERP control system

Solution of Delivery

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Quality Control

We are proud of creating and delivering high grade products to our customers. And we are dedicated to continuing to provide high grade products for all of our customers in the future.

* Advance test equipment
* Strict QC control system, 6 worker with 1 QC
* Defective rate less than 3‰
* Long history experience
* Fast response. Solution for customer in 2 day.

Wrranty of Products

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