disposable CBD&THC oil BBtank

Item :Disposable CBD vape pen
Tank capacity: 0.25ml/0.5ml
Color: Black,white,stainless steel
Battery capacity: 150mah/280mah
Package: plastic tube package
Usage: CBD THC Thick oil refilled
OEM/ODM: Welcome


1. Suitable for E juice,CBD THC oil Thick oil.
2. Convenient to fill oil by manual work or machine
3. People can see how much oil left easily through the window on the top
4. Quality guarantee as this is the most productive item in our company.

bbtank t1 o.pen disposable cbd vape pen:

1) Air switch,easy smoking
2) The battery will send an alarm and won’t work if the voltage is less than 3.2V
3) No rechargeable

4) Suitable for CBD hemp oil and Thick oil.
5) Convenient oil filling, fit for manual and large machine automatically filling
6)The inside oil can be easily seen through the window on the top
7)Much more convenient with higher quality, comparing to the traditional disposable e cig

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